The Evergreen

Year by year they grow, and that is change, year by year they drop their cones and feed the squirrels. But they remain where they were planted, and they are set apart from every other tree because they stay green.

Note-able Quotes

I like to read, and as I do, I am constantly immersed in various ways of communicating and restating truth. These are some of the memorable truths I have gleaned from reading recently.

God’s Name (Part 2)

We see that this name speaks not only of what God does, as Elohim speaks of His creative power, but we see also that this name is relational, of who God is. He is self-existent. No one created Him. No one formed Him, no one made Him. God is. Contrast this self existence of God with our dependency upon the Creator. We cannot exist alone. We were created. Every man has a beginning and an end, in contrast to the God who has no beginning or end. 

God’s Name (Part 1)

We can be comforted in this truth: God reveals Himself to His creation, and wants His creation to know Him. God has power over all His creation, He is actively working in it, and He wants a relationship with us. All of these truths we can know about God from His first mentions in scripture, and by the first name we by which we know Him. Will you seek to know God?


The inner qualities of charity are overlooked by society in general, but how pitiful if they are neglected by those who claim Christ. Charity is a Christian principle and a gift of God.

God wants to build a house.

He wanted to build God a house, but why? Because David knew the heart of God was to dwell among His people. David knew the Word of God, and that influenced his desires.

Inside Out

The outside speaks many words about God, but the inside hasn't been changed by the Word of God. This breakdown of understanding was not just a superficial show to the onlookers, but was also completely empty before God. Because they had replaced the true teaching of God with man's teaching, their worship before Him was vain.


Conviction is a word that is so misused and misunderstood these days. It is a word that has been relegated to mean opinion and yet this word has a powerful meaning that goes ignored in this day and age. It stirs up passion when one talks about their own convictions. It can cause debates and … Continue reading Conviction

What is God Saying?

The things of this life are physical but temporary, whereas the things of God are spiritual and eternal. The satisfaction of the desires of the soul far outweighs the satisfaction of the earthly whims.

Quotable Notes

Here are just a few great quotes that helped me in developing my perspective on following Jesus.

Celebrate the Resurrection!

In many denominational churches, baptism has lost its meaning because it has been changed. Baptism is a symbol of the gospel, and when baptism is changed, the symbolism is changed with it.